A Visit for A Cordial Gathering to Syekh Awadl Karim: I Am Ready to Attend The Sudan Reciting Sholawat

Sowan ke Syekh Awadl Karim : Saya Siap Menghadiri Acara Sudan Bersholawat

PCINUSUDAN.COM – The Special Branch Board of Nahdlatul Ulama in Sudan, represented by several ranks of Supreme Council and Board members visited the residence of one of the supervisors, Syekh Awadl Karim Utsman Al-‘Aqly in Dukhainat village, Kala’la, Sudan (10/19th).

This visit was meant not only for cordial friendship, but also in order to take further actions on some important things. Among them conveying the mandate from DAIMI (Indonesian Islamic Institutes’ Scientific Circle) in the form of collaboration with PCINU Sudan to contact Syekh Awadl Karim for his willingness to attend the online Islamic science studies event.

Furthermore, he was also invited to fill in for a lecture at the grand event “Sudan Reciting Sholawat” which is a part of the following series of Santri Day events from October 22th, by PCINU Sudan on Saturday (10/24th).

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Without a shadow of doubt, Syekh Awadl Karim decisively agreed to fulfil to the invitation one by one. Even though he was in an unhealthy condition, as long as it was related to the delivery of knowledge and scince, he tried his best not to reject it.

Syekh Awadl Karim fully appreciates the initiation of Ihtifal al-Alamiyah bi Dzikri Mauludi Khoiril Bariyyah (Turning over the general thought and sentiment of society by recalling the birth of the Fairest Man) through Sudan Reciting Sholawat. He admitted that he was very happy with the lively celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday. In fact, after the Sudan Bersholawat event, he is scheduled to attend the Prophet’s Birthday Commemoration in Maulid Field, Omdurman which is held once a year.

This event is attended by Shufi scholars, which holds commemorations of Haul and Sirah (Tales of Journey) recitation from one of the Sufi scholars’ forum. This year, Venerable Muhammad bin Alawi Al-Maliki Al-Hasani (Makkah) was chosen as a figure to be studied and commemorated, after the previous chosen figure which was Ash-Syahid Syekh Muhammad Said Ramadhan Al-Buthi (Syria).

The atmosphere of this gathering was very warm. After discussing core matters of significant importance, Syekh Awadl, who is also a Professor at the Omdurman Grand Mosque in Sudan, shared some of his experiences during his scientific journey in Indonesia. Starting from the cordial community, the unique decorum, customs and culture of the pesantren (Islamic Private Educational Institute), the sublime beauty of surrounding nature, to the unique cuisine of local residents. “I like durian and bark fruit the most,” he said, accompanied by laughter from the delegated visitors.

However, not only that, Syekh Awadl also reminded the Nahdliyyin to persevere and never give up in their struggle to uphold the religion of Allah; because this year was one of the toughest. Apart from being hit by the pandemic and economic crisis, there have been many departed scholars in the world who were taken by Allah SWT, such as Syekh Ahmad Shafi (Bangladesh), Shekh Nuriddin Itr (Syria), Syekh Umar bin Abdurrahman Al-Jufri (Medina), Sayyid Alawi bin Abu Bakr Al-Haddad (Makkah), and other major scholars, especially in Indonesia.

“I am very saddened by the departure of the scholars. Really, this is a tough year. I hope that the scholars who spread the light of knowledge and goodness will be given strength, health, long life,” He said.

This visit to Syekh Awadl went very smoothly, without a hitch. At the end, it was closed with a prayer from Syekh Awadl Karim, and a group photo.

Translator: Adzkar Ilahi Rifa’i

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