PRESS RELEASE: Maulid Nabi al-Barzanji Recital Event; Nahdliyyins’ Love Harmony from Various Countries

Pembacaan Maulid Nabi al-Barzanji

PCINUSUDAN.COM – The Special Branch board of Nahdlatul Ulama in Sudan carried out the Sudan Reciting Shalawat event, Maulid Nabi al-Barzanji Recital Event and public lecture presented by Sheikh’ Awadl al Karim Utsman al-Aqli on Saturday (10/24th) at the INDIMI auditorium, Faculty of Minerals and Petroleum, International University of Africa. This agenda is a part of the series of commemorational events for the 2020 PCINU National Santri Day which aims to further assimilate and acculturate the Nahdliyyin tradition in the Lands of Thousand Dervishes.

On this occasion, the event was attended by the Sudanese Sufi Community’s Chairman of Scientific Department who is also the Supervisor of PCINU Sudan, Syekh ‘Awadl Karim Utsman al-Aqli, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for Sudan and Eriteria, Drs. Rossalis Rusman Adenan M.B.E, along with the staffs of the Indonesian Embassy, Representative of the Religious Attaché of the Turkish Embassy; Dr. Ahmad Bayazid, Chairpersons of Islamic Boarding Schools’ almamater in Sudan, PPI Sudan, PPPI Sudan, BEM IMI, Ahbabur Rasul Community from Nigeria and Chairpersons of International University of Africa Students Union from various countries.

The enthusiasm did not only come from Indonesian students, hundreds of students from various countries such as Somalia, Sinegal, Comoros, Chad, China, Philippines, Thailand, Chad, Tanzania, Nigeria, Yemen, Turkey, Malaysia, as well as several Indonesian citizens living in Sudan also attended. The typical Hadhrah group of the Pesantren’s Jam’iyyah Syifa’ul Qulub (JSQ), the pride of PCINU Sudan, succeeded in enrapturing the masses, capturing the attention of hundreds of congregants who were present, so that they drowned in the recitals of prayers of Maulid al-Barzanji by Sheikh Ja’far bin Husen bin ‘Abd al- Karim al – Barzanji.

On this occasion, Jazlie Huda Syarbones as the Head of the Committee, expressed his thousands of thanks to the attendees and various parties who had helped in making this event a success. Besides aiming to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, Jazlie also introduced the Jam’iyyah Nahdlatul Ulama to the audience. “Jam’iyyah Nahdlatul Ulama is a religious organization founded by Hadhratus Syekh Hasyim Asy’ari in 1926. This organization is the largest religious organization in Indonesia, which has approximately 92 million members and has branches in every region in Indonesia. It stands to act with the principles of Tasamuh (Tolerance), Tawazun (Balance), Tawasuth (Mediation), and I’tidal (Moderation)”.

National Santri Day was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo based on decision No. 22 on October 15th 2015 which referred to a historical event, namely the declaration recited by the national hero Hadhratus Syekh Hasyim Asy’ari. Santri have an important role in the history of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia after the finalization of the Jihad’s Resolution advised by KH. Hasyim Asy’ari on October 22th, 1945.

This resolution became the motivation for the santri’s struggle to defend the Republic of Indonesia from the Netherlands and its allies who tried to undermine the nation’s independence again. It was through the movement in the Islamic boarding schools and the jam’iyyah Nahdlatul Ulama that he cultivated the awareness needed to rise up against them and free Indonesia from colonialism. Exactly 75 years ago, October 22th 1945, the santri gathered to declare struggle and jihad to give birth of what we know as the Jihad Resolution”, said Moh. Hibatullah Zein (Chairman of Tanfidziyah PCINU Sudan).

In his lecture, Shaykh ‘Awadl Karim said, “Ihtifal (celebrating) also means ightinam (to give importance to). His Majesty the Prophet ordered us to fast on Monday because that day was his birthday. He also ordered to fast on ‘Ashura day because on that day a big event occurred, namely the safety of Prophet Musa from the pursuit of Pharaoh’s army. The celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is a proof of our love for him, the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam.

This can be done in different ways, such as committing oneself on the voluntary fasting on Mondays, or as had been done the Companions of his time, namely jihad fi sabilillah or what the tabi’in had done by codifying the Way of the Sciences. Ironically, the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is often considered bid’ah by some groups because they only read one or two of the hadiths. Here the importance of understanding asbabul wurud of a hadith, needs to be studied and surveyed deeper so that it is not easy to proclaim bid’ah of a new practice.”

Various appreciations and gratitude were also conveyed from various parties, one of which was from Ya’qub Khalid (Chairman of the Yemeni Students Association), “This event is very important because it reminds us of His Majesty the Prophet Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam. We, on behalf of the Yemeni Student Association in Sudan, would like to thank PCINU Sudan for living up to the Prophet’s example through this event. We hope that events like this will continue to be held every year,” he said in an interview with the editorial team.

Prayers and group photos concluded the event, followed by the Nusantara’s Islamic Scholar’s Book Exhibition. No less interesting, the typical Indonesian culinary stands coordinated by Muslimat NU Sudan was also crowded with visitors.

Translator: Adzkar Ilahi Rifa’i

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